Are old laptops worth buying?

What are the benefits of buying a second hand laptop that is ... - Quora

Quick answer: One will save a lot on the market price of the same laptop, environmental friendly, mostly tested for any issues by first user, and usually come with a warranty.Mar 9, 2023
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Which is better, Dell or HP or Lenovo?

Which laptop should you prefer Lenovo, Dell, HP, & Mac? - Lapserve

It ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you're looking for a reliable, durable laptop that is well-suited for business use, Lenovo or Dell may be your best bet. If you're on a tight budget, HP may be a good option, but be aware of the potential for hardware failures.Mar 2, 2023
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Is $1000 too much for a laptop?

You really can spend less money on your next laptop | Digital Trends

There may have been a time when you had to spend $1,500 or more on a laptop to get a decent machine. If so, then those days are long past. Today, you can spend under $1,000 and get good performance, long battery life, and a solid build, and you don't have to sacrifice on things like display quality.Dec 1, 2023
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What laptop brand has the least problems?

Best laptops of 2024: The most repairable laptops and why it matters

Our overview highlights the three most repairable laptops available on the market from each manufacturer.Asus laptops were to top ranked for repairability in 2024. ... Microsoft and Dell laptops score well for repairability but still fall short. ... Apple continues to trail behind its competitors when it comes to repairability.Feb 22, 2024
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What is the difference in a Chromebook and a computer?

What Is a Chromebook? | Chromebook vs Laptop | U.S. News

Windows and Mac laptops are built to run offline, while Chromebooks assume you have an internet connection. In practice, the differences blur somewhat. Windows and Mac users now spend much of their time on the web and using web apps, while both Chrome OS apps and Android apps installed on Chromebooks can run offline.
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What is replacing Microsoft Word?

6 Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Word - TechRepublic

Google Docs, which is easily the most popular Microsoft Word alternative on this list, is free to everyone with a Google account.Jun 23, 2023
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